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National Sunglass Day!

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July 27th marks National Sunglass Day! So grab a pair of your favorite sunnies and share your photos! Need a new pair? Mention this post for 25% off a complete pair of sunglasses today until the end of the week!


LAMB Eyewear

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Not only has Gwen dropped a new album but also a new eyeglass line! Come check out the new selection!


How to Maintain Healthy Eyes

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We all know that diet plays a large role in many aspects of our lives, including our eyesight! Take a peek at the link below to help guide you in maintaining the health of your eyes.


Time is Running Out!

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Halloween Fun

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Sneak peak into the fun crafts the staff at Riverside Eye have been brewing up in honor of Halloween. Be sure to cast your vote for your favorite decorated witch hat! Happy Halloween!


BluTech Lenses

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Riverside Eye is now offering BluTech lenses! Protect your eyes from high-energy blue light and harmful UV rays with BluTech lenses. Not only does BluTech improve visual acuity and night vision but they also reduce glare. Ask about BluTech lenses at your next visit.


Flex and Health Spending Accounts

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December can be a hectic time, but if there is one thing you cannot overlook during the Holidays, it’s your Flexible Savings Account! Check your balances to make sure you maximize your benefit. Vision exams and a new pair of specs are a great way to optimize remaining balances. Use it before you lose it! Also, […]


Back To School

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Backpack, pencils, paper, binders, new clothes … an eye exam? When you think about getting ready to start a new school year, I’m sure that an eye exam is not on most people’s back to school list, though it should be. It is estimated that 80 percent of all learning is done with our eyes. […]


FENDI @ Riverside Eye

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Come by Riverside Eye’s Optical Department and checkout the latest styles from FENDI!


See the difference with Digital progressive lenses…

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Progressive lenses made their commercial debut in the middle of the last century. Also known as progressive addition lenses (PAL), the lenses enable eyeglass wearers to transition from distance to near vision without the image jumping when the eyes shift from one distance zone to another. They also have a cosmetic benefit: there is no […]